The possibility of re-adjusting the market to the Ministry of Industry

While there are several accounts of the government's withdrawal from the ministries, some of which are advised by industry ministry advisers to return the regulation to the ministry.
The story of the separation of ministries and the formation of distinct ministries in the twelfth government was one of the things that had plagued the mouth in the very last weeks of the government, and even the statesmen explicitly commented on it and called for expert analysis. . Soon after, the supporters and the opposition came to the negotiating table, and each one spoke of their ideas for the separation or survival of the ministries.Some of them also believed that the ministries should be effective and not step back; however, with the bill being submitted by the government to the parliament to separate the ministries, the story took on a more serious smell. Of course, the parliament did not show much interest in the government bill and did not take much work until the end of the 11th government, until some government officials rightly announced the withdrawal of the ministries after the separation of ministries right when the Cabinet was formed.The whispering of the government's withdrawal from the separation of ministries was quickly wrapped up in official and expert circles. Of course, Jamshid Ansari, head of the Office of Recruitment, told the Mehr correspondent about the government's determination to differentiate between the ministries and stated that, whenever possible, this issue The Twelfth Cabinet will be followed up.Mohammad Shariatmadari, the proposed minister of industry, mining and trade, also announced on a day-long basis that he had voted for confidence in the private sector parliament, saying that he did not agree with the separation of ministries and further pursued their effectiveness; he stated that if the ministry Industry, mining, and commerce have an efficient structure and function, it may also be able to integrate other other ministries into oneself, a dream that may not be so operational.
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